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About Us

At Wayman Consulting, we unlock your business's full potential through two distinct services: Fractional Business Development and Strategy Consulting.

Fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Designed for companies seeking strategic growth without the commitment of a full-time executive, our Fractional CRO service provides expert guidance and leadership on a part-time basis. This service is ideal for businesses looking to drive sales, expand market reach, and enhance competitive advantage without the overhead costs of a full-time hire. Our fractional executives bring industry knowledge and a proven track record of success, working seamlessly with your team to implement growth initiatives and build strong client relationships.

Strategy & Business Development Consulting

Our Strategy Consulting services are tailored for organizations needing comprehensive support to navigate industry changes, drive innovation, and achieve long-term success. We specialize in crafting and executing strategic plans that address your unique challenges and objectives. From market entry strategies to operational optimization, our seasoned consultants provide the insights and expertise necessary to help both startups and established companies thrive.

Are You Ready to Drive Change?

How is your organization responding to industry changes? Are you driving those changes with new innovations, business models, marketing, and product strategies? How do you spot opportunities and minimize risks?

At Wayman Consulting, we help you navigate these challenges with customized strategies and expert execution. Whether you need part-time executive leadership through our Fractional Business Development services or comprehensive strategic support from our consulting team, we are here to help you achieve sustained success.

Contact us today to discover how Wayman Consulting can transform your business and position you for long-term growth.

Our Team

Jake Wayman
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