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About Us

Wayman Consulting Group recognizes that the business landscape is changing and evolving in a way that demands a whole new approach – with constant disruption, businesses need to be nimble and innovative.

A full-service business development and strategy firm, Wayman Consulting develops a customized strategy and plan based on each client’s business objectives, and tailors the tactics accordingly.

Business development and strategy work hand-in-hand, all geared towards building relationships and generating tangible business results. 

Wayman Consulting provides a big-picture, high-quality thinking and approach, but with the hands-on and personal care each client deserves.

Across the board, each of Wayman Consulting clients have a strong philosophy and belief system, upon which our strategies are built.

Our Team

Jacob Wayman
BP1_6071 web.jpg
Founder & Business Strategist

Jacob Wayman is a Business Strategist who specializes in Business Development Strategies focused around organizations striving to bring innovation to the forefront. As the Founder of Wayman Consulting Group, Jacob is a firm a believer in creating value first through building relationships that bring about proactive change.


Over the past few years, Jacob has been instrumental in starting several organizations that drive innovation in the Wichita community. He is one of the founding organizers of 1 Million Cups Wichita, founding Director of the e2e Accelerator, co-founder of the LaunchPrep program, Founder of Startup Grind Wichita, Co-Founder of Shift ICT, and Co-Founder of Connecting ICT.

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