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Our Services

Business Development

Whether you are a startup company or an existing company launching a new product, business development is a key element in the success (or failure) of your new venture. At its core, business development is about putting together a growth strategy that brings you the most results from the least amount of risk and effort.

You already recognize that staying small doesn’t necessarily guarantee your business’s survival, but scaling the right way is not always easy. To start, Wayman Consulting will determine the type of growth strategy you want to implement. Intensive Growth Strategies? Integrative Growth Strategies? Diversification Growth Strategies? From there, we will analyze your risk tolerance because with each step brings risk, uncertainty and effort

Instead of creating strategies that never find their way out of the board room and into the real world, we create doable, implementable growth strategies that start where your organization is right now and give you a clear roadmap for implementation.

Business Strategy

How are you responding to changes in your industry? Is your organization the one driving those changes with new innovations, business models, marketing, and product strategies? How do you spot the opportunities and minimize risks?

With the demands of today’s business environment, innovation is not an option—it’s essential to survival and success. At Wayman Consulting, we work with you to expand your business by identifying actionable growth opportunities because every choice matters and every decision shapes the future of your business.

Event Design & Management

We recognize that powerful event experiences can create a lasting impression and long-term, meaningful connection with those who attend. Events are a physical manifestation of a brand, and are built from a brand strategy as a component of an overall marketing plan.


We work with brands to develop original events with impact, geared at delivering business results. In addition, based on strategic objectives, Wayman Consulting identifies events for our Clients to align with and/or participate in as sponsors, speakers and facilitators.

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